Pettit Media, LLC

Pettit Media, LLCSaturday, February 24, 2018 - MST


With over ten years of IT experience and a focus on custom web design and application development, Pettit Media, LLC can design you a new website, redesign an existing website, create flash animations and logos, help with website marketing and domain registration, provide website hosting and more!  Pettit Media's affordable web design service will give your business or personal website a professional look without the Fortune 500 price.

Why choose Pettit Media, LLC?  When you visit a large website design company, chances are, they outsource the work to a freelance website designer.  By contacting Pettit Media, LLC directly, you're skipping the middle man and getting your projects accomplished by an ACTUAL web designer and for a fraction of the cost!


Pettit Media, LLC offers a wide variety of computer services for your home or small business.


Pettit Media, LLC also provides media digitization services.

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